Swan River


Nikon D3
28-70mm f2.8D
1/4 sec
0.9 GND (soft)



7 comments on “Swan River

  1. Cate Rose says:

    Another great pic. I am really enjoying seeing these interesting photos of little Perth that you create. Nice treatment.

  2. Hi Cate,

    Thanks for stopping by again. My slightly barbed narratives aside, Perth is a very pretty place (boring, but pretty), but I find it challenging to photograph for some reason, unlike Sydney etc. This photo only became more interested after I’d knocked out Applecross. I don’t play favourites! South Perth gone one day, Applecross the next!!!!!

  3. sontology says:

    Her name is actually Eliza, and I love how she’s been adopted by the locals and is often dressed according to the season (my outfit was a simple white sheet with two holes for eyes one Halloween). Lovely photo!

  4. sontology says:

    I meant “my favourite outfit”… oh, you get the idea…

    • Eliza???? And I thought Matilda was crap! You have to admit she kind of suits Esmerelda though. So your outfit wasn’t the the Grim Reaper, complete with scythe? I spotted that and raced back the next day but it was gone. Get those crazy kids to deck her out as the Grim Reaper again and let me know as that would make a cracking pic!

  5. Cam says:

    The main hill in Kings Park that overlooks the city was named Mount Eliza after Eliza Darling, wife of the Governor of NSW at the time. Sounds like this may be the same Eliza.

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