Events Will Not Weary Them

17-35mm 2.8D (Sniff, I miss that lens)
ISO 200
3 shots bracketed +/- 1EV – blended
Mirror Lock Up
Textures in CS4


23 comments on “Events Will Not Weary Them

  1. Wever says:

    I agree with baumy, some of us don’t want to wake up. go back over east or even over seas, you non-voting fuck.

  2. Paul says:

    If you don’t like Perth, mate, f*ck off back over East.

  3. Wever says:

    fair shake of the sauce bottle… mate

  4. Wever says:

    I hope steven conroy gets his net filter up and blocks your site on behalf of Perth!

  5. Paul says:

    Seriously, I have had just about enough of the anti-Perth bile and vitriol that spills forth from your mouth.

    We have so much to be thankful for in this State – open your eyes!!

    You are undoubtedly a talented photographer – it’s just a shame that your hate sullies this fact.

  6. Well lookey me!!!! As Diarrhea follows a bad Vindaloo two cloth-eared boxheads have arrived! And don’t they carry their argument in that usual cogent and persausive Perth manner? Note the paranoid references to “Over East”. Note the bullyboy, Tonka Truck Driving rants. Note the one brain cell between two. But hey, but did you like the pics?

  7. Wever says:

    there were pics?

  8. They’re the things without words on them….blockhead.

  9. anon says:

    I’m with the big dude on this.

    The pics speak volumes – pretty but just so damned depressing, desolate, empty ….

  10. …..and just like Perth! I told you before, Perth is the only city in the world where they actually dropped a Neutron Bomb, only no one noticed.

  11. Is that best you triumvirate of twits can come up with? Buzz off and consult a dictionary and a thesaurus and hopefully, once you’ve worked out how to open them, I will see you back in a year or so.

  12. anon says:

    Is it true that you don’t vote, Adrian? You are so passionate in your hatred of Perth – you could use your constitutional right to vote to try and change things….

    • Hello! Here we have a cowardly dung beetle, hiding behind his/her (I guess “its”) “anon” moniker. As far as non-compulsory voting, I’m puzzled why this particular purveyor of poo is off on that rant when I haven’t posted anything on this blog about the topic. But “Anon”, if push comes to shove I’ve never believed forcing people to participate in a democracy enhances the quality of that democracy. But then, for simple folk such as you, it’s probably a good thing. You have traffic lights to tell you when to stop, you have a little buzzer in the fridge to remind you to close the door. It must be reassuring for a dunce like yourself to have the AEC enforce a date once every 18 months so you know what you’re doing on a Saturday morning. Drop by anytime, and bring your friends!

      • anon says:

        It’s the law, you silly man. What gives you the right to be all anti-establishment?

        I bet you would be the first person trumpeting the virtues of the legal system if one of those dastardly Perth-ites nicked your precious cameras…

      • Why not???? You’re allowed to be a boneheaded twit, I have a right to be an objectionable photographer.

  13. timwratephotography says:

    ahhh Coogee – much rather be there than the city that never wakes….

  14. Kate says:

    Great pics! And yes, you seem to have upset the locals a tad! But even though you seem to express a rather extreme view, the essence that Perth is boring as batshit is probably spot on.

  15. Guy says:

    This image is rather creepy and icelandic looking somehow. It would make a great front cover for a Jazz Butcher record. Nice.

    On compulsory voting – a disasterous idea. If people don’t want to participate they shouldn’t have to. The idea that it forces an interest in govt and public policy doesn’t stand up. I remember doing focus groups way back in the day with “The Undecided” (yes, it was a bit like The Undead) and strongly recall a consensus that “We’re not going to vote for Kim Beazley he’s too fat”. Participation aint all its cracked up to be,

  16. Guz, yes, Nazi democracy forced via the threat of a fine for not voting is bullshit. You end up with government via 20,000 dunces who shouldn’t be allowed to breed let alone vote. (rightyo! If that doesn’t wake up the pro-vote mafia I don’t know what will).

  17. nofearofdanger says:

    Great painting like texture, also enjoying the high dynamic range. The contrast, keep it up.

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