More Fun Graffiti



14-24 f2.8d
ISO 200
1 sec
three exposures bracketed +1, -1
LR3 – black tweak, vibrance & clarity
Adjustments CS5 – colour balance, “luminosity painting”, exposure/gamma boost, dodge/burn, local area contrast, etc.


14 comments on “More Fun Graffiti

  1. Mischa says:

    Mmm… I’m just not a fan of Graffiti. It’s visual pollution! Completely subjective I understand; however those that chose to leave their markings on public property are a menace! They have scant regard to the resources that are necessarily poured into cleaning up buildings, benches, fences and trains etc. I know your thinking ‘but it’s art’ and freedom of expression, blah blah blah. To this I say, adorn the inside of your own living room then.

  2. Ms Mischa, thanks for popping by again. All this graffiti is in an abandoned power station that – at present – is serving no function and certainly isn’t costing taxpayers a cent in upkeep, let alone cleaning costs. Having such a place for graffiti probably keeps it off other buildings?

  3. anon says:

    Please point your Freedom Machine in the direction of the Nullabor, start the engine and keep driving until you are back over East.
    Perth can do without you.

  4. Alas, Chumby, I’m not sure the Freedom Machine would get that far. I fear the timing belt might snap and I’d be stranded somewhere between Perth and that scary, awful, dreadful place, “Over East”!

  5. timwratephotography says:

    The tones you have captured in this image are nothing short of incedible mate. Luminosity painting has it’s virtues that I’d like to explore further… Awesome stuff

  6. Tim, I find “luminosity painting” is possibly the single most effective way to boost an image. Keep it very subtle! In the end of the day it’s just dodge and burn, but it’s far more selective as you nominate the specific tonal range (Lights, Darks, Dark Darks, Light Lights, Super Lights etc) and all the adjustment layers are self feathering. You can of course easily do this yourself, but Tony Kuyper has developed a range of PS actions that you can load in. Yes, you can easily create them yourself, but for $US25 you get all Tony’s actions. He must have about a dozen now and he is updating with new ones from time to time. Just the ticket for a PS clod like me. Here’s the link to his tutorials where you can read more and, if you want, download the actions.

  7. Baumy says:

    Stopping talking about it and show us the freedom machine!

  8. shazza says:

    I am yet to drag my arse down to the power station, which, given my proximity is really unforgiveable. I appreciate good graffiti so should make the effort before Cockburn Council get their shit together.
    Tis A good shot.

  9. Shazza, it’s an amazing places from a number of perspectives, not in the least the sheer dimensions, and then there’s the graffiti. Apart from the main area, which is easily accessed via holes in the fence, the office area is really worth an explore as well. Best way to access that is to head out of the main chambers seaward and follow the wall north until you will come to a window. Head in there and turn right, up the amazing stairs and you have left and right to explore. Seriously, this place’s days must be sorely numbered and once it’s gone so will a very unique part of Perth. I must have been in the place ten times since February. There are a few shots I am trying to get, experimenting with a couple of new techniques, and haven’t quite nailed them yet. Fingers crossed, I might be having an exhibition in a few months in Mt Hawthorn and some of these shots will feature quite heavily there.

  10. shazza says:

    I am making it a mission for this week or next.

  11. ….that should be “until you come to an open window”. The bars have been forced open and there’s plenty of room to get in.

    The “Authorities” aren’t making too much effort these days to keep people out.

  12. Chris says:

    This Freedom Machine you speak of – I refuse to believe it exists until a pic of it appears on your site.

    Awesome work here, by the way. I know nothing about photography, but I know what I like, and this stuff is the real deal.

  13. janeos says:

    liking the graffiti, but clip a nice filter and show us the freedom machine in all its dimpled glory..

  14. I am but overwhelmed…..

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