The Ubiquitous Perth Boat Shed

14-24mm 2.8D (Can’t wait for that Lee filter kit!)
ISO 200
Seven shots bracketed +/- 1EV – blended (yeah, I went a bit overboard that day)
Mirror Lock Up


10 comments on “The Ubiquitous Perth Boat Shed

  1. nofearofdanger says:

    By bracketing does this make your beautiful shot a HDR?

  2. Indeed, this was about a year ago when I was in the obligatory photographer’s “HDR Hole” of self-imposed pergatory. This image was tone mapped, but I always pulled it way back to try and avoid that over-cooked, far out HDR look. I don’t actually tone map (aka HDR) any more. I sometimes exposure blend in Photomatix (usually architectural scenes – like the graffiti series) and blend landscapes in Photoshop. I think it creates a more “realistic” image. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Kateri says:

    Wow, I adore this picture.

  4. janeos says:

    Nice pic of the bong swamp, but I’m still dying to see the freedom machine.

  5. Melissa Graf says:

    Oh thank goodness. It looks like someone put some extra planks back in, to stave off its terrible advance!

    Consider me comparatively joyful, rather than wigged out, this time around.

    God, these shots are so good.

  7. WOW! this is fantastic! beautiful work!

  8. joeandrews says:

    Incredible image, the colors are absolutely amazing!!

  9. I have borrowed the related shot and used it on my site with an original poem. I linked the photo to your site here and put your website below the image. If you wish me to remove it or tag it differently, I’d be glad to oblige. It is an amazing, amazing piece.

    Here is the link to the page: The City that Never Wakes

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