Now for Something a little different, Photography talk! Simple workflow

Step 1

15 images after stitching in AutoPano Pro. PT Gui just couldn’t handle it and wanted me to go in and assign god knows how many control points manually. zzzzzzz. No thanks. I am actually really impressed with Auto Pano Pro, it does some things much, much better than PT Gui, although PT Gui is much faster in cranking out blends and you have more ultimate control over the final product. I originally bracketed the shots +1 / -1 but I just didn’t need them in the end. So this is just the main pane at 1/125. Note it has had lens distortion corrected in LR3 prior to exporting.

Step 2

After cropping 1×1 and some basic adjustment layers in CS5, mainly LAB colour conversion, exposure boost and some colour balance.

Step 3

Some dodging and burning, painting over the blown highlights to drop them from 255 to between 245 and 213, saturation painting and sharpening. Probably a bit oversaturated in the top half, but I like the contrast between the warmth in the upper portion to the blue-cold foundation. But I will probably pull back on the yellows in the upper half.


85mm f1.4
ISO 200
“Brenizer Method”
45 shots stitched AutoPano Pro –
only used the 1/125 exposure blend and ditched the brackets.


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