Back in 1979 I inherited my dad’s Pentax and a few Haminex lenses when he died. I was 15 and a mate and I (well, he did all the work) set up a “darkroom” in a wardrobe. We (he) made an enlarger from a wooden box. We hung the light sensitive paper on the wall and mounted the “enlarger” on a chair….moving it back and forth to enlarge or reduce the image. We fixed a 35mm lens on the front and made a “neg holder” out of gaffer tap and cardboard. We used the lens to focus and set the apperature. The safe light was a torch with some red cellophane taped over the end. We couldn’t afford to buy Developer, Stop and Fix, so we used vinegar for the Fix, or was it the Stop? Fly by the seat of pants but a huge amount of fun. As a result I really loved “getting my hands dirty” in the darkroom and found digital quite souless and bland. In March 2009 I decided to give it a go and have enjoyed discovering digital’s potential, and limitations….as well as mine!


16 comments on “Background..

  1. Natalie says:

    great pics! but hey – i live in south perth, but have the decency to live in circa 1900.
    we love having your photos up at zil cafe. those interested in your work should come for a coffee and look!

  2. Adrian,Great Work.You definitly got eye for landscapes. Good luck for Sep. exhibition.

  3. Chris says:

    Nice work Adrian.
    Get yourself down to Geographe bay and take some photos off the Busso jetty.

  4. Jane says:

    Great pictures, looking forward to seeing more …..

  5. Adam says:

    Really love the pics and your unique view of the world! Keep it up.

  6. Beth says:

    Beautiful photos,what a great talent!!

  7. Cain Doherty says:

    haha, i guess all the equipment and chemicals i recently bought for enlarging was unnecessary then?! nah, was a steal on ebay – nobody wants it anymore. vinegar would be a cheaper option – does it leave the paper with a pleasant aroma?

    • Well mate, it does tend to imbue the paper with a lovely kind of fish ‘n chips vinegarey smell! I have no doubt you’d pick up a lot of darkroom gear for a steal on ebay. Good luck with getting your hands wet with “real photography”.

  8. Cate Rose says:

    Just found your blog. I remember REAL photography too – ah…the sweet stink of the darkroom (in my case the boarded up bathroom) chemicals…digital is so clean! Some great photography here.



    • Hi Cate,

      Yes, sniff, the good old days. I must admit I am very surprised that I am getting into digital, although I find still rarely bother to check the camera screen to check my shots, even to suss out the histogram.
      I am trying to do it on a more regular basis, but I rarely ever check an image on the screen, I suspect that’s my film background. BTW…lovely colourful Fremantle art you have! Adrian

  9. Kate says:

    Really lovely photography, and I enjoy the snarky comments as well! Kate

  10. Helen says:

    I’m thinking of reporting you to the Perth Appreciation Society. Nice pix tho …

  11. Love you work and honesty about where you come from! Your photos are great and I like your broad range of subjects!

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