All Change

Took this as part of a 30+ multi-row stitched panorama a few years ago with a tilt shit lens I no longer sadly have. I was going through a lot of my old pics and thought this might be salvagable as a stand alone shot.


One Big Stopper Bites the Dust

Went to try some long expoures during a particulary stormy day on Tuesday. Everytime I tried to set up a screaming front would roll through. I retreated to try some shots around the power station, I was amazed this two minute exposure is moderately sharp as the wind was blowing the lens around. It was about the only half decent pic from about five hours of wandering around the dunes and standing by the break water getting soaked. To cap off an excellent day I left my Lee Big Stopper on the roof of the car as I rushed to pack up as another front came through. Was it worth it? Er, no. But you can’t win them all….