Twit in a Trolley…

Playing around with FujiX100. Lovely little camera and wonderful build quality, reminds me of film cameras I grew up with 35 years ago etc. A few odd idiosyncracies, but otherwise great. A real treat after lugging a D4 with a 70-200 f2.8 around.


One Big Stopper Bites the Dust

Went to try some long expoures during a particulary stormy day on Tuesday. Everytime I tried to set up a screaming front would roll through. I retreated to try some shots around the power station, I was amazed this two minute exposure is moderately sharp as the wind was blowing the lens around. It was about the only half decent pic from about five hours of wandering around the dunes and standing by the break water getting soaked. To cap off an excellent day I left my Lee Big Stopper on the roof of the car as I rushed to pack up as another front came through. Was it worth it? Er, no. But you can’t win them all….

Now for something a little different….

Not sure if I actually like this or not, but I do like the little mush room clouds of roiling flame rising from the bars. Not really into this “type of photography” but fun to give it a go regardless, which is what it’s all about.  I was wandering back through Glebe Park in Canberra after photographing the kids at the nearby “Cube”  when the air was thick with the smell of kerosene and we spotted three fire jugglers. The “Cube”? The denizens of Canberra will now what I’m referring to, once upon a time it was sound activated (the Cube that is), just the place to drop a fart and watch in wonder as the Cube lit up, which was pretty much the sum total of Canberra’s night life when I was working there as a journalist in 1989-1991. Sadly they pulled the plug on the sound activated thing, no doubt to try and prise the large groups of farters away from the Cube and into the new Canberra nightlife. Anyway, this is 8000 ISO at f1.4 on Nikkor 85mm.

Yet another…..long exposure!


I still don’t think I’ve really nailed this photo in terms of exposure or composition. Can’t want until I can do 10 minutes plus. There are a few other bit and pieces along the beach in the vicinity that should scrub up nicely as well. This one is a three minute exposure, f11, ISO 100. 24mm. Nikon D4


Long Exposure….




Been playing around with long exposures, this one is around four minutes, but the remote I have requires I hold the button down while in BULB, which means circulation comes to a grinding and painful halt after a few five minute exposures. I really wanted to do 8 or 10 minutes as the sun went down but my fingers were down for the count. I’ve ordered an inter voltmetre that will make long exposures waaaay easier.